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Professional beauty salon exclusive products【ROjUE(ロジュエ)】


First of all, please see the phenomenal texture change of ROjUE.

30If you are worried about hair straightening agents for aging hair in your teens and fifties, definitely Rojue!
Because there are many kinds of perms even if it takes time and effort, it is troublesome to "choose"!
It's easy to do, but it doesn't fail! But "the texture is surprisingly good!" I want a perm!
I want to propose an aging perm that is gentle on the hair that the customer is satisfied with with a limited treatment time!

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Just one perm agent that makes it easy to increase your time productivity and unit price.
A busy hairdresser is a problem because she enjoys her favorite beauty job more."Limited time"and make the most of it"The best way to do it"and how to improve.

The revolution of the low alkaline perm agent and the revolution of the time management art become one.

■TG conversion values and specification values
Minimize alkali by blending thio sis cystamine at high concentrations.
It is a perm agent of a new sense that can be repaired and operated while firmly suppressing damage.

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●Compatible hairs
"Wide range of response scan of damage level"
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* Support items

Perm treatment, which is difficult to select drugs, will also be able to choose ROjUE without hesitation by considering the microalkali composite reduction as a new standard and knowing the mechanism of standing.
As the time to choose a drug becomes shorter, the practitioner can concentrate on thinking about what to do with the customer and perm design. Don't worry about drugs, but experience the surprise that the hair quality improves and the design can be expressed even though it was chosen easily.
ROjUE is a drug that gives you confidence in the perm menu proposal.

Treatment for non-compliant hairs
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*SP Premium(by voyage cosmetics)
Sp Premium works both hydrophobic and hydrophilic in the hair, making it resistant to perm. Use only 10% of the liquid. Because it does not swell, it is reliable even if i repeat the perm and damage hair. There are many other support items in voyage cosmetics.
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3Kinds of reducing agents(Thio-sis cysteamine)It was blended in a high concentration. It is a new sense of perm agent that can be repaired and treated while firmly suppressing damage with minimal alkali. Leave time 5 to 30 minutes(Please do it at the appropriate time by the diagnosis of the hair.)

The ingredients of the rojue cream were changed to liquid as it is. This is a new concept technology that is used in cosmetic registration treatments that contain hair repair ingredients. Same ingredients as hair with noah alkali(Amino acids, hyaluronic acid, protein)The drug of(Cosmetics)to create a soft natural perm style. Leave time 5 to 30 minutes(Please do it at the appropriate time by the diagnosis of the hair.)

Rojue treatment lowers PH, blocks the alkali of perm agent, and passes only the reducing agent. By blending the hair lipid component, the lipid component that is insufficient in the damaged hair is replenished and the gloss is regained to the damaged hair.

It is two liquids of the bromic acid concentration. Because it is a concentration of 8 and a higher concentration than usual, it oxidizes well. A high deodorizing effect can be expected by the oyster tannin.


"To the hairdresser who does not increase the number of customers of the perm and worries. All ROjUE will be solved! 』

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