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I'm not afraid to approach aging hair! Rojue's Curly Hair Forced Approach Method!

The damage of the hair is various now, but one of the most difficult hair for the hairdresser now is aging hair, isn't it? In the first place, if you think about what the aging phenomenon of hair is, the following things can be considered "gray hair has increased" "The hairstyle that I kept for a long time has become not suited. "I don't have any gloss or smooth feeling in my hair compared to before. "My hair is getting damaged and it's spreading out and can't fit. "I'm worried about the ups and goings. "Tsynji is easy to crack. "The top has become easier to petan. To put it simply, this kind of thing is said to be an aging phenomenon, an aging sign. Most of these customers want to do something like this, so they do treatments, head spas, and do a lot of care. Among those that care for such aging hair, the option of "curly hair compulsion" is mostly the one that does not correspond to the trouble that the top which is easy to crack is petan though it encourages the fit and makes it to the tight. So why are you doing this in Rojuer's story? The two worries I raised earlier are because Rojue can cover them. So why can you do that? Rojue is the limit amount Max specified in the Pharmaceutical Law by the cis which makes the source of Hari, Ushi, and elasticity. So as a result it will be like this commentary in the video from here! I had the experience of a female hairdresser in her 70s. The impression after the experience is soft anyway! To fit firmly in curly hair forced with aging hair, the feel is good and Harikoshi comes out at the root! If you would like to please customers over 40 years of women who are worried about aging hair, please contact us! Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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Try to understand 100% perm solution rojue cream

It is a versatile drug that can correspond to various other menus in addition to "only one", such as Rojue Cream Digiper, Tsuke Digi, Hair Straightening, which is the most popular product of the Rojue series. It is a feature that it is possible to do various things, but especially as a voice from the customer, "The hair becomes soft anyway". This reaction is not only from the hairdresser, but also from the customer who was always treated with the drug of another company "It's something different from the usual hair has softened!" Did you change the medicine? There is a voice that said. I have been selling products in the beauty industry for about 15 years, but there are not many products that can be heard from customers who are not hairdressers who have done so. Especially, there was not a lot about the perm agent which did the chemical treatment which used alkali. But this ROjUE, it comes out of the general public ... why this? The biggest factor in this is the large influence of the contained cis. In the first place, the characteristic of cis is that it can form a soft ridge peculiar to cysteine, and it is a reducing agent that can form waves with elasticity that is firmly shifted. In the first place, we are using the most effective cis among the siths for this ROjUE, whereas the above features are mentioned above. To tell the truth, there are several kinds of cis, and there are good and bad among them. This time, ROjUE uses a little high raw material that is effective among them. Therefore, the hairdresser understands, and the texture comes out firmly enough to be understood by the customer. It is different from the usual hair straightening and digiper from the customer using it! It's so soft that it's not my hair! Hairdresser who wants to be told, please try The Rojue once by all means! If you have any questions, please click here to translate this page automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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Support item for 120% use of Rojue [Water]

"Rojue Series" hybrid perm system that corresponds to all hair in one. This item is made with the aim of a soft, firm but hair-friendly perm agent. The alkali that causes the most damage is put only by opening the cuticle at the minimum necessary. But when Rojue is applied to the tip of the hair, "Is it a little dangerous?" When you feel like, by applying a rojue treatment to the tip of the hair as a protective agent, it is possible to apply a perm without pain because it cuts the alkali and penetrates only the reducing agent. We often get questions from our customers. Rojue Cream Rojue Karl Rojue Treatment What should I do if I want to apply strongly with this lineup? In such a case, please mix about 10 percent of the lightner of the color agent in the shop. Because the alkali goes up by 10 percent, it becomes 2.5 if it is Rojue cream. Mixing alkali does not impair the softness of the rojue, but the increase in alkali increases the damage. Then, how to reduce the damage as much as possible and raise the perm? In that case, it is solved by applying un-limit water here in advance. Unb limit water is arginine water with 10 pahers. By applying this, you can open the cuticle with much less damage than alkaline. This makes it possible for Rojue Cream to perm well against anxious hair. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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How to cut 100% of Rojue's alkalis! Rojue Treatment!

The feature of the Rojue series is that there is gloss anyway, and the softness which never comes out in the curly hair straightening of other companies comes out. The reason for the softness was explained that the amount of special cis (explained in the blog "two reasons why perm liquid rojue is soft") is a major feature. But one question is, how do you deal with the tip of your hair with only one drug that has 1.5 alkalis in it? That's it. There is resistance to put the alkali on the tip of the hair with a lot of damage just because it is a very small amount. In such a time, you can use rojue treatment Just apply this treatment to the tip of the hair you do not want to damage, you can penetrate the reducing agent by cutting only alkali. In fact, this Rojue treatment is a treatment that has a buffer effect. Therefore, it is a principle that alkali cuts by applying it to the tip of the hair and puting rojue cream on top of it. When the treatment is performed only with Rojue cream (1) pre-treatment the whole with a treatment agent (recommended mineral honey) (2) Protect the tip of the hair to be worried about damage with a Rojue treatment. (3) after applying the rojue cream to the whole performs the process of straightening the curly hair. That's all there is to it If you have pain, you can try the treatment with peace of mind if you apply rojue cream, so even an assistant can work on it early. Once you try Rojue, you're already sick! If you are worried about Rojue's inquiry, please click here for any questions. Contact Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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Two secrets of the softness of perm liquid rojue

"This is the first time my hair has become so soft with straightening my hair!" Hi, I'm Mr. Sasazawa, the micropark representative. Although it is a perm agent Rojue released last year, the response of customers gradually increases, and the range of customers who use it from Tohoku to Kansai region is expanding now. I often hear from such customers, "This is the first time that hair with straightened curly hair is so soft!" That's what I'm talking about. Right. Rojue is sold with a texture that becomes ultimately soft anyway. So, why is it so soft? There are only two points (1) the minimum amount of alkali required! (2) The cis of the reducing agent is using a type called hydrochloride! Rojue is a cream with 1.5 alkalis. The amount of alkali is set to 0.8 in liquid and less than other manufacturers. There are various causes of hair pain depending on the treatment, but the main cause is the amount of alkali. Especially, since there are many things designed for the purpose of firmly stretching hair straightening, the amount of alkali becomes about 7-8 when it becomes the strongest type of hair straightening agent of rubon, for example, the largest in the beauty industry. Because it becomes a specification that can cope with strong hair like brazil, it is unavoidable that alkali is strongly set. But please think about it well. How many customers in your salon are as hard-haired and hard-to-curly as Brazilians? If you think about it, there are only one or two people, don't you think? People with normal hair don't need seven or eight alkalis. If it is about 1.5 in real terms, we can deal with it. There are overwhelmingly many modern customers doing chemical treatment, and even if virgin hair is careful about the allocation of time, even if alkali does not enter so much, the perm takes firmly. So why do other manufacturers put so many alkalis? That's because we give priority to not anything that doesn't stretch or fail, rather than "it's going to get hurt." Therefore, it puts a lot of alkali in priority to grow strongly and firmly. This is not known unexpectedly, but even if you master the control of the reducing agent firmly, even if you do not rely on alkali, the pain is reduced to the limit and the perm is applied even with virgin hair. It takes a little time to remember, but why not try to remember the reducing agent control and remember less damage perm in Rojue? Although it is a supplement, alkali is also a disadvantage because it does bad for hair by reacting with heat. The secret of Rojue's softness is that it puts the cis to the limit of the value specified by the Pharmaceutical Services Law. Rojue is a perm agent consisting of three reducing agents consisting of three reducing agents consisting of three reducing agents of thio cistamine. All of them contain ingredients to the limit of the value specified by the Pharmaceutical Services Law, so if you apply a perm to your hair, the results will be easier to get. Among them, it is the cis that I was particular about this time. This cis is blended with the expensive one among the raw materials of the sticking cis anyway. This sith is designed to give the hair ultimate softness and Harikosi elasticity! Cis is an ingredient in the hair from the original, and it is gentle on the hair in the first place. Because it is an ingredient that strengthens the hair and gives softness on top of it, it is an ingredient with a lot of merit for hair. This Rojue is 10 times or 20 times more particular about its ingredients than other manufacturers. In the industry, the perm ratio is difficult to grow, but the reason is that there are various reasons such as pain and labor. This Rojue is a product that stands up to the problem with only one type of product, and leads to productivity and business efficiency improvement of beauty salons through ingenuity and trial and error. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Above was the introduction of perm solution Rojue to provide the ultimate softness. If you want to know more, please click on the inquiry! [...]

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